Grab and Bind: Laura Lee And Jenaveve Jolie
80 Minutes; Two Models


"Of course it was the most frightening experience of my life! I decided to begin moving into the old house before my boyfriend got there -- what a mistake! They later told me that some crazy old ex-cop was hiding in the attic because he was searching for loot that gangsters had supposedly hidden when it was their hideout back in the 1930s! When I showed up, he was terrified that I might somehow find the money before he did! All I'm sure of is that I was kicking back in my sweats after several hours of getting rid of some of the junk that had piled up in the house when he grabbed me!

For a split second, I thought it was my boyfriend playing a bad joke! But I immediately recognized that it was a stranger and sick fear jolted my brain as the grunting brute wrappped my hands, feet, chest and mouth with duct tape! As I lay helpless on a wicker couch, he ranted at me and I clung to the hope that the blurred reality around me was actually a bad dream! Of course, it was all too real, but the rest of the day was truly a nightmare for me!

First he made me undress and used rope to bind me to a stool while my mouth was still taped! I wore nothing but panties, yet I knew that my uncontrollable shivering had more to do with terror than temperature! Apparently the psycho had once rescued a bound and stripped kidnap victim when he was a reputable member of the police force, so I was told that, in his derangement, he may have tried to re-enact that triumph while carrying on his search for the gangster's stash. All I knew at the time was that I was tightly bound and gagged and totally defenseless against a madman!

My fear grew as he moved me around the house, holding me tied and gagged in a bathroom, then completely naked, roped wrists to ankles and gagged with a ball in the stifling attic room where he'd been hiding! At some point during my captivity, he became insanely convinced that my boyfriend and I had already found the treasure he'd been ransacking the house for so he decided to take me to another location as a hostage he could exchange! Wrapped in a robe, roped up and silenced, I was bundled into a car trunk; he was about to close the trunk when I heard a sharp command from a nearby voice ordering the madman to stand away from the car! I screamed as loud as I could through my gag, but the real cop had already spotted me and was moving to arrest the psycho! A neighbor had noticed strange night-time activity at the house a few days earlier and had called the police! They hadn't been very quick to respond, but the timing was just fine as far as I was concerned!"



"OK, you want to hear why I did a number on Jenaveve? Because she's a world-class diva bitch, that's why! Sure, she always turns on the smiles when a camera's pointed at her, but when she's alone with her personal assistant -- me! -- then the mask comes off! Like the day I snapped -- she just couldn't stop ragging on me: 'You're stupid, you're nothing, can't you do anything right?'! I'd taken it for so long because I was making good money, I did like the whole celebrity world and, sure, I'll admit it, Jenaveve's an incredibly hot girl and I sometimes like to swing that way! But right at that moment, nothing could make up for her attitude!

So I grabbed some rope and began tying her up! Jenaveve's not very big and she's kind of a wimp so all she did was whine and cry until I gagged her! I couldn't resist pulling down the top ofher dress and copping a few feels, then I marched her off to my stuffy little bedroom in a corner of her mansion; it was high time she got a taste of my life! Once we got there, I made Jenaveve stripto her panties, then spread her arms and legs wide and tied them to the headboard! What a high for me to have Jenaveve squirming and whimpering for me to release her, but I wasn't about to let her go now! After having a bit of kinky fun with her, I retied her more uncomfortably!

Now that was poetic justice: big mouth Jenaveve lying on her stomach naked and hogtied, gagged with tape, ropes holding her down while I told her just what I thought of her and she looked fearfully up at me, wondering what I would do next! Well, I didn't keep her in suspense very long! Once I figured Jenaveve had been punished by the hogtie long enough, I freed her, then pushed the naked SUPERSTAR into a grubby storeroom! Naturally, her begging and pleading fell on deaf ears -- I decided a nice ball-tie would be an appropriate step in her attitude adjustment, supplemented by a bright red rubber ball stuck between those sensuous lips! Jenaveve did have a nice stash of naughty toys; maybe she thought I didn't know what she was up to with some of her overnight guests! What would her snootier friends, let alone the tabloid people, think if they could see gorgeous Jenaveve tied up naked and drooling on the floor? By the time I released her from the ball-tie, Jenaveve was exhausted and I was getting pretty tired myself -- time to put an end to a good day's work!

So I took her back where we started and placed her onto the red recliner where she used to enjoy lying back and spewing out her curses and orders at me! Only this time, I made sure that Jenaveve's curvy little body was snugly embroidered onto the chair with plenty of rope and her poisonous mouth was silenced! I savored a final laugh at her plight and told her that she could consider this my formal resignation; Jenaveve looked angrily at me and murmured something I could guess was a string of bad words, but I just walked away with a smile at the thought of her being discovered later in the day! I guess I knew I might be in trouble for what I'd done but I'm not sorry! Would I do it again? Hell yes!"



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