Grab And Bind: Heather Vahn: Political Prisoner
55 Minutes; One Model

Exquisite Heather Vahn becomes a naked and bound pawn in a vicious political conspiracy!

Ambushed at home by a pair of masked intruders, Heather desperately attempts to fend off her attackers, but the thugs tape the terrified girl's mouth, bind her securely and carry her off into captivity!

Heather struggles bound and gagged on a bed until her abductors return and explain that she's being held hostage to ensure her politician father's obedience to a client's orders! When she's untied, Heather's relieved for a moment but her spirits plummet when she's forced to strip and endure the caresses of the masked woman as she's bound even more tightly than before! Tape-gagged and roped into a strict lotus- tie on the bed, the naked girl whimpers as she strains against inescapable bondage!

To Heather's alarm, the female abductor's begun to manifest a twisted infatuation with her. Trussed nude and spread-legged on a foot-stool, Heather moans through her cleave-gag when the crazed woman ties a vibrator between her legs and presses the button that forces the defenseless girl to spasm uncontrollably! Against her will, Heather finally shudders orgasmically, an outcome that leads her tormentor to remove her gag; when Heather responds to seductive whispers with indignant rejection, the deranged woman reacts with venomous fury!

Punishing Heather for refusing to submit to her twisted fantasy, the furious criminal ruthlessly hogties her, tapes her mouth and roughly fondles her vulnerable body as the dazed girl writhes on a bed! Although she's been ordered to keep Heather unharmed until the completion of their client's conspiracy, the unhinged woman goes rogue!

Perched on the edge of a bathtub, a ball-gagged Heather strains against the ropes that restrain her and apprehensively waits for her nemesis to return! Once the villainess has Heather in her clutches again, she forces the naked girl into the tub and augments her bondage! Emotionally drained by days of subjugation, Heather nears hysteria when the tub begins to fill with water and her muffled cries are echoed by mocking laughter; her distress is dire -- will no one come to Heather's rescue?




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